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Blood travels around the body through arteries and veins – the arteries carry blood away from the heart and the veins carry blood to the heart. Since the heart is positioned in the upper part of the body, the veins have the task of forcing blood up to the heart from the lower limbs against the force of gravity. Valves in the veins have a one-way mechanism to ensure that blood does not flow backwards. Vein disease is the name given to the group of conditions that arise when the valves either fail to function entirely or do not close completely, leading to the pooling of blood in the vein.

The Monmouth County vein specialists at New Jersey Vein and Laser Center have established that the weakening of the vein walls is one of the reasons for valve malfunction. The vein walls lose their normal elastic behavior, making it difficult for them to retract back into shape. As a result the walls of the veins gradually widen and the flaps of the valves cannot close effectively, making them leaky. The blood flows backwards and stretches the walls of the vessel even further.

A number of factors can cause vein walls to weaken, some of which can be identified by our vein clinics in Monmouth County. These include but are not limited to:

  • Family history: genetics has been shown to play a great role in the development of vein disease
  • Age: the walls of the blood vessels degenerate with age(over 40), making them less elastic
  • Female gender: females tend to have a greater tendency of developing vein disease than males
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity: excessive body weights puts a strain on the circulatory system, making it harder for the valves to function
  • Lack of exercise: regular physical activity strengthens the muscles, assisting the flow of blood towards the heart.
  • Certain medications such as corticosteroids tend to degenerate the walls of the veins
  • Various health conditions that increase pressure on the abdomen
  • Occupational health, particularly standing and sitting for prolonged periods

  • Our experts at Monmouth County vein treatment centers are trained to help you effectively manage your condition, whatever the cause.