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How Varicose Veins Respond without Jersey Shore Vein Treatment

How Varicose Veins Respond without Jersey Shore Vein Treatment

April 5, 2017

When people our Jersey Shore vein treatment center to learn about vein laser surgery in Monmouth County, it is often because they are experiencing an increase in pain, fatigue, or other symptoms due to varicose veins. When veins are small and cause few if any symptoms, they may simply accept their condition as a cosmetic one that they would rather live with than address. The problem is that when varicose veins are left untreated, they may grow larger or turn into a related condition that is much more serious.

Reasons to Get Jersey Shore Vein Treatment Early On

Varicose veins occur when the valves in the lower legs stop working properly. The veins are part of the damage that occurs as the blood fails to circulate back to the heart and is instead pooled in the lower legs. The added pressure on the veins results in damage that grows worse over time. To make matters worse, the size of the varicose veins can be misleading. More or less serious conditions may exist below the surface. A consultation with the vein doctor in our Jersey Shore vein treatment center will determine the true extend of your vein disease and whether you are at risk of developing a more serious condition.

Another mistake people make when they have varicose veins is to ask their primary care physician if there is any reason for concern. The only physician qualified to determine whether varicose vein treatment in Jersey Shore is the right option for you right now is a vascular surgeon who has the training and experience to be familiar with the different types of vein disease and the symptoms that make them recognizable.

The potentially serious conditions that may be present or which can result from failing to have varicose vein treatment in Jersey Shore any time varicose veins are present can result in a serious, life-threatening situation. It is important to contact a qualified varicose surgeon to recommend the right treatment for you. While some people need nothing more than conservative treatment for their condition, this should be a call that your vein expert makes. Regardless of the outcome, this appointment could save you a lot of pain in the future or even save your life.

Vein Laser Surgery in Monmouth County Offers Many Advantages

The introduction of vein surgery as a method of varicose vein treatment in Jersey Shore has made it easier for people with vein disease to get the treatment they need and then get on with life! Laser surgery is a non-invasive treatment that shortens healing time while getting excellent results. Dr. Owano Pennycooke in our Jersey Shore vein treatment center is a skilled vascular surgeon who has performed laser surgery and a number of other modern vein treatments on his patients with a successful outcome. He will evaluate your condition and determine which treatment or combination of treatments is the best choice for you.

The primary goal of treatment for vein disease is to improve venous and overall health. Dr. Pennycooke will also help you achieve a more attractive appearance that will boost your confidence and the way you feel inside and out! Call us at 732-403-3910 to schedule your consultation or go online to www.njveinandlasercenter.com now. Don’t wait until your condition gets worse to get the help you need from an experienced vein doctor in Jersey Shore.

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