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Monmouth County Vein Specialists Publish a New Article That Explains Why Women Hate Swollen Legs and Ankles

Monmouth County Vein Specialists Publish a New Article That Explains Why Women Hate Swollen Legs and Ankles

December 17, 2016

December 17, 2016. Middletown, NJ. New Jersey Vein and Laser Center releases a new article in which they talk about a common complaint – chronically swollen legs and ankles. According to these Monmouth County vein specialists, although there are other causes for such swelling, such as sprains or injuries from “overdoing it,” if the swelling is chronic – meaning that it appears more than once a month or lasts longer than a couple of days – chances are it’s caused by vein disease.

For hormonal reasons, women get vein disease much more often than men do, so they are the ones who experience this kind of swelling the most. The swelling can affect the lifestyle of women more as well, because they often have to be constantly active to perform all the tasks they have to do every day, and the pain and discomfort caused by the swelling makes this impossible.

The good news, according to Dr Owano Pennycooke, medical director of one of the best vein clinics in Monmouth County, is that women (and men) have options, and don’t have to “live with” constantly swollen legs and ankles. Modern vein disease treatment in Monmouth County can eliminate the swelling as quickly, easily, and painlessly as it gets rid of varicose veins – in less than an hour. So to learn more about vein disease, read this informative new article or visit the clinic’s website at: http://www.njveinandlasercenter.com/.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options

With more than 30 million American adults suffering from varicose and spider veins, vein disease is a common issue. Varicose veins (large, twisting, blue or red veins that may stand out from the skin’s surface) and spider veins (smaller, web-like vein that appear on the surface of the skin) are an embarrassing and potentially painful issue. Vein disease strikes both genders, although women are more likely to experience this problem than men.

No matter a patient’s age or gender, there are a number of safe, minimally invasive, and virtually pain free treatment options available. Techniques such as microphlebectomy, radiofrequency ablation, and sclerotherapy help improve the legs’ health and aesthetics by eliminating or removing spider and varicose veins. Minimally invasive vein treatments are effective and do not expose patients to a high risk of scarring or a lengthy recovery period

About New Jersey Vein and Laser Center

New Jersey Vein and Laser Center is headed by Dr. Owano Pennycooke, a vascular doctor with a passion for the New Jersey area. Dr. Pennycooke is double boarded in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery by the American College of Surgeons. He also acts as the Chairman and Medical Director of New Jersey Vein and Laser Center, a vein clinic in Monmouth County. Here Dr. Pennycooke and his wife, Dr. Shelley-Ann Pennycooke, provide patients with top quality vascular care in a caring, relationship-driven atmosphere.

The New Jersey Vein and Laser Center staff is filled with hand-picked Middletown vein specialists who understand the role that trust and comfort play in a doctor/patient relationship. All members of their staff value the relationships they build with their patients and strive to treat every person they consult with as if they were family.

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