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At New Jersey Vein and Laser Center, we are proud to provide both patients and staff with educational conferences and seminars on vascular health, prevention of venous and arterial disease, conservative treatments, and minimally invasive vein and arterial disease treatments.

Often, treatment for early vascular disease (venous disease or arterial disease) or for those at risk of vascular disease involves making lifestyle changes such as exercising more, losing weight, or quitting smoking. In fact, sometimes vascular disease and its treatments can be completely avoided if these lifestyle changes are successfully made. Thus, we are pleased to provide our patients with help achieving their health and aesthetics goals through support for lifestyle interventions such as physical exercise, diet, quitting smoking, and more.

The seminars are offered right in our facility, in comfortable meeting rooms and at convenient times. We also collaborate with local organizations such as fitness and nutrition centers to help make these changes easier and more convenient for our patients. We also offer seminars that explain how all of the new, modern treatments we offer work, as well as continuing education seminars for our physicians and staff. Our commitment to education and community involvement are all part of how New Jersey Vein and Laser Center aims to be a part of a healthy community, rather than just a medical center.